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About Us

Welcome to The Purple Potato Designs!  Thank you for shopping with us.  Our goal is to create a brand that focuses on giving. We feel that by promoting the act of giving we can help put a little more positivity in the world. 

My name is Dave. I am a sole proprietor who is also a father of 2. I am creating a brand that will help support my kids and the children of under privileged families in america. If you are wondering what Purple Potato means you will have to ask my 5 year old.  She helped pick the name and the logo. I think its GREAT the little "Tater Head" ,as he is referred to in my house, makes me laugh every time I see him. I am teaching my children the concept of giving by volunteering at our local charities. I strongly feel that teaching our children the idea that "You get what you give" is what will help to build a better generation.

If you buy from my store know that the proceeds are going to help build a better world for our kids to live in.